Shipping Good Experience to Client
July 4, 2015

If you are in a service sector and you deal with many clients, then work related turbulence with some of the clients is inevitable. There can be many reasons for this; you might fail to prioritize the tasks owing to the many clients, there could be some error on your end or the delivery might not come out the way it was expected by both of you. So issues in a business arise from time to time but what matters is how you deal with them and what you learn to avoid in the future. You should not discount on issue resolution as it is a major part of service. Most of the times, if you handle the situation well, the client ends up having more faith in you than before.

It so happened that the code deliveries of our client, let’s call him Rajesh got disturbed. The delivered code was buggy and had time delays in them. Now there was a turbulence with him. Here is our approach to solving Rajesh’s problem and winning back his trust-

1. Our team sat together and brainstormed about the issue, how and why it arose.
2. We began by addressing that issue thoroughly. We used the tools of root cause analysis (RCA) such as 5 whys and fishbone analysis.
3. We accepted that there was a problem. We communicated the same to them using mail and we shared the results of RCA with them.
4. This eased the client. He appreciated the steps we took and the care we showed for him and his product. He had his point of view on the Root Cause analysis and there are some points where still clarification are needed.
5. We welcomed client’s feedback and setup a call with him to discuss and finalize our approach to eliminate the issue.
6. We settled upon the action items.
7. The whole process made the client more confident about working with us. The client relations improved much more than before.

But this should not in any way inspire you to provide faulty service in the first place. Remember to create a good experience for your client.

Abhishek Sharma and Mohit Sharma