Website done, what’s next
Abhishek Sharma
December 15, 2017
Building a website is about killing an abstraction for a business. It is about figuring out the business challenges and solving a purpose. Most of the times when people need websites built, initially they see it as a face for the business and as a web presence. But soon after this is done, there will be all kinds of questions like ‘what are the returns’ and ‘what value we got out of it’. It begins to seem like a liability then.


Credits: Photo by on Unsplash


The answers seem to reside in getting ranked higher and having some measurable analytical data. But what if the website is ranked? There’s an ultimate value to be derived from the website, and we realised that we need to start with that. The website, its ranking and data is all to create value. Even though the words say ‘we’re in need for the website’, what we’re really hearing is that there’s a need of impact. Digging out the underlying business challenges will be the right approach to build websites.


What once started as, ‘the website will do the trick’, is no longer true and it needs to be constantly fed with intelligence to keep performing its job.


Looks like, website is not a final product, it is a means of building the business further. A medium to solve challenges continuously. So rather than starting with the face why not begin at the core. As a part of levelling up, we’re bent on delivering this core, packaged with a beautiful face. And this is all the difference we can make.