How we chose Laravel for the first CodeTrek program
Tushar Bohra
January 9, 2018

ColoredCow started the CodeTrek programs to help others understand our passion for software development. With this program we wanted to share it and empower like minded people to do the same. We wanted to share our willingness to walk the extra mile for building software the right way. Currently CodeTrek provides more than 10 programs related to various aspect of software development.


First Laravel CodeTrek Session in progress

First Laravel CodeTrek Session in progress


The first program that was launched under CodeTrek was the Laravel Bootcamp. It is a one week program aimed at familiarising candidates with the fundamentals of web development in Laravel.


We wanted to build programs that offered maximum candidates an easy route into building software the right way. We identified some characteristics that tend to increase the success of the programs manifolds. These characteristics are then used to design the programs-

  • Short duration: These program’s should lead the candidates towards small early success, rather than the delayed gratification of building a huge complex software.
  • Hight Value: These program’s need to be relevant with the current trends in technology. Its easy to find motivation and put efforts towards excelling in things we hear people around us do.
  • Self Learnability: Keeping these program’s short is only possible if the candidates are able carry on their learning with minimum assistance. The programs are designed to accustom the candidates with the documentation and support information available. This makes the candidate to explore more and grow on their own.
  • Open Source: Open source is huge part of the foundation upon which modern day software development rests. We wanted the candidates to explore this limitless field. With open source interaction, the candidates can pursue the technology of their liking and not be bound by any constraint.
  • Community Support: Becoming part of a community or gaining acceptance in one is a huge motivation. We wanted the programs to target technologies which had active online community. They will enable them in easily getting support on their self learning journey.


We looked at these characteristics and saw Laravel easily fulfilling the checklist for a program under CodeTrek. Later I realised, how even we being a startup, chose technology to solve problems by following the above list. So it made sense for us to reach out and grow the community further.


(Read about how we designed the Laravel Program here)