Building the habit of Remarkability
Shubham Joshi
December 9, 2017

Throughout our lives, we aspire for remarkability in everything we do. It is the unanimous cause of passion behind our work. But sometimes we get so fixated to create that perfect masterpiece that we forget that remarkability comes out of habit, it’s a feeling that should be exhibited in our life and behaviour. Once we get this feeling in our heart, we start to do everything in our life remarkably.

I got a deeper understanding of this concept in ColoredCow. Here everyone put heart and soul into every task they are working on, whether minor or small. It could be growing and nourishing plants in your home or office or documenting a process for your log. When you put your heart into it, then the result is beautiful.

Most of the people confuse remarkability as the acknowledgement from their peers or audience, so they make a lot of effort to give an external impression, but such an effort is superficial and never justifies the concept. On the other hand, our internal acknowledgement for our efforts is the real source to create something remarkable.

This approach can be applied everywhere. We are following it in our daily lives, whether we are setting up over workstation or doing client deliveries. We never ship unless we have made satisfactory efforts from our side. This gives us a sense of contentment and internal bliss and keeps us on the right track.