What NOT to write in “Why do you think you are fit for this job?”
November 4, 2020

There are some fields in our job and internship application forms that we’ve made mandatory. These are “Why you do you think you are fit for this job?”, “Why should we pick you?”, etc.

You may also find these in job forms of other organizations. As someone filling the form, they may be of less importance to you. You may be looking to apply for as many job roles as you can and broaden your chances of selection into some. But for us, it’s a delicate and valuable piece of information. It reflects the thought process of the person filling the form. It also helps us to evaluate the effort that the candidate is putting in to get the job or internship.

Let’s look at some samples that we think no one should follow at all:

  • I have done an internship in web development. I have experience in HTML, CSS, BootStrap3, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, and Cpanel, hence I think I possess the basic skills required for this job.
  • Because I have innovative ideas, knowledge, and hard-working attitude to implement a system “Best in Practices” which will benefit the organization for the growth and overall efficiency.
  • Right now I am a fresher and I am willing to give my 1000% to achieve my dreams.
  • I am a keen learner and always interested in challenging work with a team.

I’m sure you are already getting a feeling that something’s not right with these submissions. The story is missing. There’s some disconnect. We reject these candidates without even checking on other things!

So what to write? Let’s see some samples that were selected for interview rounds:

  • ColoredCow is the perfect place where the latest tech-stacks are being used. As I can see from your open-source projects like Employee Portal, I am deeply impressed. With my passion for Laravel, I am willing to contribute and create meaningful software.
  • I am a nature-loving person and want to contribute to the reverse migration in hills. I see that’s what you are trying to do with CodeTrek and your activities at your hill office in Tehri, Uttarakhand. With my passion, along with my keen interest in tech, I see that ColoredCow and I will become a good combination to solve problems.
  • I noticed that ColoredCow doesn’t have any significant case studies around Data Analytics. Considering my educational background and skills, I see I can be a valuable asset to take the Data Analytics dimension to the next level for ColoredCow.

Found any pattern? It’s not just about you or ColoredCow. It’s mutual. You will be getting mentored & upgrade your skills. That’s one way. You contributing back and add value from your inputs, that’s two way. It’s give and take. That’s what fitment is.

Now ask yourself again, “Why do you think you are fit for this job?”.