Being the winning team
Tushar Bohra
December 5, 2017

What sets a winning team apart from others?


I remember watching a movie where the coach said how his players should not be concerned if they move ahead. Rather the focus should be on moving the ball forward. If the ball moves, they move forward automatically.


A lot of time people have insecurity over their positions and how they can be replaced. They hold over their knowledge and domain, instead of sharing and passing it around. They play the player who wants to keep the ball with them and also be part of the winning team.


Have another look at it, and the paradox will be visible immediately. There can be no team, if others don’t get a chance to play with the ball. And without team there is no winning.


So if everyone in the team focuses on moving the ball forward, the game starts moving forward. In a team, everyone must realise their unique role, which no one else can play. But it is important that we share our specialities and skills with others in the team, rather than keeping it with ourselves.


If everyone starts doing this, the team will move one step towards being the winning team.