Understanding Data Recovery Plan
Pankaj Agarwal
November 28, 2017

We have completed a solid chunk of development in one of our product ManageMyNGO.

Now NGO organizations are putting their data into our system it’s very important for us to have a solid data recovery plan.

Today  I have a discussion on DR plan activity with my team.  Sharing my Understanding of DR Plan and process.  


What is DR plan and why –

We should always be prepared for the worst and I think this is what data recovery plans for.  Basically, In IT, DR plans created and defined to save all our data and system infrastructure which can be lost in some unwanted and unexpected disaster or accidents.It’s also a part of SLA.


The components come under the DR process –

The main objective of the DR process is that you should be able to recover the system in the current state as it used to be before.


You should analyze all the possibility of accidents (As much as we can) and have a plan to recover them.


You should have an idea how much it will impact our business in case of accidents. We should try to minimize as much as we can.


You should have a backup of all our data and resources. It’s not only the database backup we should have the complete system backup. So that we can make our system production ready ASAP in a case of an accident.


DR process should be very strategic and planned. At the time of recovery, everything will be in a robotic way. We should not think twice about any step in that process.


After defining the DR plan and process we should have a frequency to test our DR process may be (once in a year ).


We should also consider our client’s process and business impact in DR plan.