Zoom Migration MicroService
Gaurav Gusain
November 9, 2021


As a growing organization, we usually have many discussions and meetings and we thought to record these meetings so that we can revisit them for further use. We also organize a story club every Wednesday where everyone participates and shares their inspiring stories.

With this idea of storing all these meetings and story club recordings, we moved to Zoom that provides the feature of storing the recordings. Now the thing with Zoom is that you have to pay for the storage you are using and the cost of Zoom storage was not that cheap. So we needed a better solution for this.


As a Software-based organization, ColoredCow has expertise in various domains like DevOps, web app/site development, etc. Due to this, it was easier for us to find a better solution for our problem. As we have our AWS account and S3 storage which cost us much cheaper than Zoom, we decided to create a microservice that will provide us with the functionality of moving our Zoom recordings directly to S3 storage.

For this, we used the AWS lambda function that was cost-effective and started building the microservice. To receive the details of the recording like download URL and other details, we have set up the webhook application on Zoom. So now whenever a new recording is created in the Zoom a webhook call is made from Zoom to our lambda function URL. The lambda function then processes the payload and uploads the recording to S3.

You can find the codebase for this Zoom migration service on our Open Source Github Repository.