Automate Subscription Product Swaps in WooCommerce with Custom AutomateWoo Workflows
June 6, 2024

Are you facing headaches managing product changes within your WooCommerce subscription plans? Do you struggle to keep subscribers informed and maintain a seamless experience when you need to remove items? This blog post is for you!

The Challenge: Streamlining Subscription Product Swaps

Many subscription-based businesses in WooCommerce encounter a common obstacle: managing product changes. Whether it’s due to seasonality, stock limitations, or evolving trends, removing products from your store can disrupt subscriptions that rely on them. The ideal solution involves:

  • Seamless Product Swapping: Automatically replace the removed product with a suitable alternative within active subscriptions.
  • Informed Subscribers: Proactively notify subscribers about the change and offer them the option to opt-out if desired.

AutomateWoo: A Powerful Automation Tool (with a Small Snag)

AutomateWoo is a popular plugin for streamlining common WooCommerce tasks. While it offers built-in functionality for subscriber notifications, automating product swaps within subscriptions required a custom development on our end. This addressed the core challenge, but we wanted to empower our client (a long-term partner since 2016) for even greater control.

The Elegance of AutomateWoo Presets (and Fixing a Hiccup)

AutomateWoo presets are pre-defined workflows that simplify complex automation tasks. Our goal was to leverage presets for effortless product swap workflows. However, we encountered a hurdle – the existing filter for adding custom presets wasn’t functioning as intended.

ColoredCow: Committed to Collaboration and Solutions

Instead of being deterred, we took a deep dive into the AutomateWoo code. We identified the cause of the filter malfunction. Knowing the WooCommerce ecosystem well, we reached out to WooCommerce support (since AutomateWoo falls under their umbrella). Through clear communication and collaboration, we proposed a solution to fix the filter.

ColoredCow’s exchange with WooCommerce to allow third parties to define their own presets.

The Result: A Winning Partnership and Streamlined Workflows

Thankfully, WooCommerce support was receptive to our findings. The fix for the AutomateWoo preset filter was implemented based on our recommendation, documented in their version 6.0.24 changelog. With the filter functioning correctly, we created custom presets for our client. Now, their shop managers can effortlessly launch automated workflows whenever a product swap is necessary. Subscribers are kept informed, and subscriptions remain uninterrupted – a true win-win!

The ColoredCow Difference: Expertise You Can Trust

This scenario highlights ColoredCow’s commitment to providing exceptional service. We go beyond simply implementing solutions; we actively contribute to the WooCommerce ecosystem through collaboration and problem-solving.

If you’re grappling with subscription product changes in WooCommerce, ColoredCow can help! Our team of experts is here to develop custom solutions and empower you to manage your subscriptions with ease. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.