First step for creativity is to Ignore Everybody
Abhishek Sharma
July 26, 2015

Hugh Macleod’s book ‘Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity’ comes from a great experiential learning. His ideas are profound and ripe and they made a connection with me. There was a lot of truth in his voice; I wonder why he preferred to call it ‘keys to creativity’ and not rules. However, these keys may come closest to opening the locks to win.

The defining characteristics of his book are the Ah-ha! moments and there are plenty of them throughout.
I was most moved by “The market for something you believe in is infinite.” It deeply resonated with me; I was a voice and this idea backed me with an orchestra. The symphony thus produced made me confident and proud of my belief.
Another golden theory was that, “Great ideas alter the power balance in relationships. That’s why they are initially resisted.” It made sense. Even though the people around you might want you to prosper, they would resist the change in the dynamics of relationship that a great idea will bring.

At times, his portrayal of a frustrating and a competitive market can be discouraging, such as when he says this, “You think magazines are disposable? You should see the people who work for them.” But on the whole, a voice that survives should say, if I am good, if I put in the hours, if I can adapt to the world without losing my head and if I’m passionate then it’s going to be fucking great. As in an interview he said, “It’s going to be tough, but that’s okay.” Success doesn’t come easy.

And according to me the 41st key should be to enjoy life with good humor which is implicit through his funny cartoons.

Abhishek Sharma
Creative Head