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Can hills be the next software development hub?

By Abhishek Sharma

October 10, 2019

  ColoredCow believes that the hills of Uttarakhand, India have a lot of untapped potential. There are a lot of talented people in the hills. Particularly students from various engineering colleges. The terrain itself can be harnessed for a greater productivity and livelihood generation. We believe software development specifically can…

How students can benefit through our Training Programs

By Abhishek Sharma

June 17, 2018

From our experience of having interacted with hundreds of students and many academic institutions, over the years, the hard truth established is that there‚Äôs a gap between the talent/skills the industry needs and what the education system is imparting. On industry’s part, it is tough to prepare the students for…

How we chose Laravel for the first CodeTrek program

By Tushar Bohra

January 9, 2018

ColoredCow started the CodeTrek programs to help others understand our passion for software development. With this program we wanted to share it and empower like minded people to do the same. We wanted to share our willingness to walk the extra mile for building software the right way. Currently CodeTrek…

CodeTrek – helping us build software the right way

By Tushar Bohra

January 3, 2018

ColoredCow started with the dream to solve problems of other startups in a meaningful way using technology. We wanted to not only do the problem solving, but also do it the right way. This required the combination of right tools and using them in the way they were designed. It…

Build a Web App: your doorway to Web Development

By Shubham Joshi

December 15, 2017

When I first thought of the idea to start by a career in we web development, I was very confused. With so many technologies coming up every day, it was very hard to choose the right one. Most of the job requirements were listed in terms of technologies like PHP,…

CodeTrek: Learning through Hands on

By Adiba Ahmed

December 1, 2017

If we go back and think about the topics or subjects we are most comfortable with, we all will find this one particular pattern. In subjects where we went ahead to learn something by putting effort on our end, subjects where we practiced more and shared an active involvement, these…

CodeTrek is free. But why?

By Adiba Ahmed

December 1, 2017

Every time we introduce CodeTrek to students, professors, training placement heads, our friends or anyone for that matter, they at least once do come up with questions like these…   It is great that you have started an initiative like this, but how are you making money out of it?…

Building Scalable Applications for Nonprofits in Laravel
By Tushar Bohra
SOLID Design Principles
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