Developing an application that connects a physical entity with technology
Uplift: Upgrading, Tackling and Surviving New Challenges


Uplift is a platform that connects a physical entity (in this case a ‘be happy card’) with a mobile application and helps you in tracking it. The user buys ‘be happy’ cards with a motivational quote printed on it and an inbuilt chip helps in tracking the card. Through the app, the user is able to track the card’s movement around the world as they get passed on to other people. The user can see the chain of people the card has been passed through and know the kilometers it has traveled.






Setting clear expectations from the inception stage

Both from client and team’s end it is important to have a clear idea of what is needed in the project. Though defining it in the start is not always possible as new ideas keep joining in but continuously going back and forth with them is imperative. We started working on Uplift when the project was a raw idea.


We walked with the client and contributed in not just implementing the idea but also creating the foundation for it. During its inception stage team created the workflow and converted the same to the working prototype. As the requirement set is not very defined at this stage, right expectations setting is difficult.


Upgrading skill set for a new game

Uplift was ColoredCow’s first mobile development project in React Native. So that required a skill up gradation. Our team had to not just create a new application but one in a different environment and that too in a restricted time frame. The time crunch made the new game appear tricky in the beginning.





Creating Clear Communication Lines

When the project starts with raw conceptual lines than it is important to maintain strong communication channels from starting of project. It is important to understand what client needs & to analyze level of expectation. Communicating regularly and setting clear expectations at each level can greatly help in smooth functioning of the project.


Strong sync between technical team, design team & client

For creating the right set of expectations it is pivotal to have sync between all the parties. The design team and tech team need to understand what is possible on ground level what can be developed and what is unrealistic in the time frame. This parallel working prevents pressure situations. The aim should be to clarify doubts on level 1 itself and move forward when they are cleared. This saves a lot of rework situation.


Learning new technologies while calibrating to changing expectations


React Native

Having a particular skill set is not sufficient to stay in the game. You need to continuously upgrade yourself.

Pankaj Agarwal
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