Providing healthy diet to people through technology
WooCommerce based order management

The new American adult is becoming self-aware about health and wellness. Quantifying nutritional information to improvise diet quality (Changes in eating patterns). MFM being aware of the shift in eating patterns, launched their idea to empower this self-aware market to buy and deliver healthy food with much ease. While it has been successful in delivering food to nearby locations and thus capturing local markets, delivering to remote locations with precision still remains a roadblock. ColoredCow revamped its online shopping experience and implemented a new shipping model to capture larger remote markets.


Envisioning to ship fresh food void of preservatives at the convenience of its customer, MFM is required to manually package multiple meals into custom iced containers and ship them at a delivery time chosen by the customer.


A system was engineered to create a seamless synergy between their kitchen, packaging system, and FedEx operations. We extended the WooCommerce and utilized FedEx APIs to write a rule-based algorithm, that would determine various logistical details based on quantity package dimensions of meals, chosen delivery date, and location of the customer.


This empowered users to order food agnostic to locations, dates, or time without logistical errors and thereby overcoming MFM’s challenge of expanding beyond local markets.


Improvise the online shopping experience for users who request shipment to remote locations.


Engineer a system that creates a synergy between the kitchen, delivery partners, & end users for ease of ordering and delivering the fresh & nutrient food.


WordPress, WooCommerce related plugins,
FedEx APIs

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