Enhance your Software Development skills- CodeTrek PHP Bootcamp

October 6, 2017

CodeTrek PHP Bootcamp Students


How can I learn new technologies?

I know little about Software, how to enhance my skills?

I feel like I am missing a lot in comparison to my friends who are studying from colleges in bigger cities or non-hilly areas?

How to learn without impacting my studies?


Interaction Session with Engineering Students


These are some of the questions we received after one of our interaction sessions with engineering students in our office in Tehri, we found that finding learning and growth opportunities was one of the most common concerns among students.


Based on these discussions we decided to plan something for students in hills where they can learn free of cost through practical implementation and in a short duration.

And that is how CodeTrek started.


The first boot camp was planned for 2nd-6th October. We shared information with students who connected with us earlier and scheduled their interaction and technical interviews.

Post that Vikas Rinvi, Abhishek Pokhriyal, Mohit Gusain and Satendra Rawat students of CSE final year started with 1st CodeTrek PHP Bootcamp.


The initial days came with their own struggle, being new to PHP Vikas, Abhishek, Mohit, and Satendra had to put an extra effort to complete daily deadlines. Be it sleepless nights or continuous learning hours. They give in all.

Students presenting their project during Certificate Ceremony


In time with regular guidance and their desire to learn, things went easier for them. The initial struggle switched to fun learning. They had more questions and they wanted to learn more and more about PHP.

And with this zeal, they did something they never thought was possible in 6 days. With all the hard work and dedication they brought to the Bootcamp they were not just able to complete the project but were successfully able to present it to everyone.


CodeTrek PHP Bootcamp Certificates


With mentorship, regular effort and desire to learn Vikas, Abhishek, Mohit and Satendra now have a skill then can go ahead and say they know well.

They increased their employability index in just 6 days!


It is not impossible, you can do that too, free of cost, by just devoting some of your time and a lot of your dedication.




Stay Tuned we will be bringing CodeTrek to you soon.

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