Summer Internship 2017

August 3, 2017

We want to thank Sanchit, Vivek, Vamsi, Shubham, Vivek Kumar, Bipin, Himanshu Dhiman and Kavitha for being part of ColoredCow’s Summer Internship. We hope that you received the kind of learning and growth environment you were looking for and that we were able to contribute. We all at ColoredCow wish you success.

Summer Interns 2017


We are overwhelmed to receive these amazing responses. They are our token of encouragement. We are glad that our interns enjoyed their time with us and we were able to add something to each other’s journey. Following are some of the snippets from our intern experiences.


Sanchit Bajaj


I am a budding designer from School of Design Studies, Dehradun. After my 3rd year, I joined ColoredCow as a Design Intern. Honestly, I had been waiting for this chapter for quite long. I wanted to join a company, see how they work and also come out of my comfort zone by meeting new people and learning new things. I was clear about the kind of internship I was looking for and luckily I got it.

ColoredCow got me curious from the name itself and from there the journey started. I had my first Skype interview and my interviewer was quite friendly, after that, I was more excited and wanted to be part of ColoredCow. Now after 2 months I can say it was one of the best decisions I took.

Being a design intern in a company with a strong tech team helped me to understand the other side of the work. This knowledge helped me in getting my thoughts clear on the UI/UX part. After I joined ColoredCow, I started reading and expressing myself through blogs. This was an entirely different experience for me. During my internship, I learned the importance of Design Thinking while working on projects and developed a problem-solving approach. I audited a website, researched about their work and the market and created plan for their website and social media platforms. I also had an opportunity to improve my skills in visual communication.

ColoredCow shares a friendly work environment where everyone enjoys what they do and also take interest in what other person does. They always focus on learning and improving at their level and everyone is humble enough to help each other. In this short span, I was able to learn a number of things which were not limited to work.


Shubham Nautiyal


I am a Computer Science graduate turned into a Software Developer and for this, I will always be thanking ColoredCow team who gave me an opportunity to work on my caliber. This entire transformation came to me all of a sudden. I graduated from college and got an opportunity to do a two months internship with ColoredCow. I was an average student when it comes to marks and grades. But luckily you don’t need it to be among some good people when it comes to learning. All you need is an open mind to accept things you were always running away from and a courageous heart to withstand the changes that your life is going to see on the spur-of-the-moment. And luckily I had both and I arrived at a decision to give my next two months just after the graduation to this place.

The things at ColoredCow were a bit different from other places in the way that you are not only made to focus on the technical aspect of learning but they also push you and help you in your personality enhancement. My journey that started with learning the basics of web development ends now with the completion of an end-to-end project. I learned about version control systems, worked on vanilla PHP and WordPress and developed a problem-solving approach over time.

Be it working in a team, giving presentations, getting my code reviewed timely by my mentors or the need of continuous communication taught me a lot in terms of working in an organization. Also during this span of time, I did things that I never did before like reading and blogging. These things together have pushed me a bit more close towards being a better developer.


Kavitha Venugopalan


I am a designer in making who is curious to learn and try new things. My desire to seek something new gave me a chance to be an intern with ColoredCow. I started with them as a design intern and luckily had a chance to satiate my wanderlust as I had an opportunity to pursue my internship from Tehri.

The first day as I made my way to the office I was awestruck by the beauty of the place, the hills, the lake, the soothing environment is so relaxing that it brings out the best in you. I was able to concentrate on my work better which I believe would not have been possible to this extent in any metropolitan city. The food was amazing and the different activities team participated in like barbeque, music, and sports were always fun.

In the short duration that I was with ColoredCow, I was able to polish my different skills. The assignments pushed me to brainstorm and develop a problem-solving approach. I researched and tried to understand problem areas in depth to suggest possible solutions.

I also worked on graphics and visual communications by understanding the concepts and turning them into ideas that resonate with the central theme. Having patient mentors who appreciate your curiosity and guide you to answers, help in providing a strong learning environment.


Bipin Dangwal


As a student of ECE initially, I wasn’t much interested in software and web development but my interest changed when I tried to build a website for my college fest. Though it did not result as I expected it ignited a coding spark in me. During my 6th semester, I got to know that my college collaborated with ColoredCow to start an Incubation Centre. I attended their seminars and sessions in our college and was convinced that I want to join them. So, at the end of 6th semester, when I got to know that they are looking for interns. I went ahead and applied.

Since then it has been a roller coaster ride. In just 2 months I have been able to see a change in me. Be it my technical knowledge, my confidence or my ability to communicate. I have been able to improve and move ahead from where I started. There have been highs and lows but be it appreciation or improvement feedbacks, each of them helped me in getting better. I have written blogs, read books and have presented my work to the team. I learned how to work in an organization with teams and how together they work, learn and live an integrated life.

On the first day of my internship, Prateek Sir said that in software development “Coding is just 10% rest is your imagination, perspective, and common sense.” At that time I really didn’t understand how but now after working on a project and seeing the different aspects of it I have learned that it’s easy to code but delivering a perfect software takes a lot more than that.


Vivek Amola

It’s been 6 months now that I have been associated with ColoredCow. I first interned with them this winter (2017) after my 7th semester in their Gurgaon office. During that one month, I had an opportunity to closely observe the functioning of the company and its work culture and got a chance to learn about varied things which were not limited to technical knowledge. So when I got a chance to apply again for Summer Internship, I went ahead.

Luckily during my last semester, ColoredCow formed an Incubation Partnership with my college and I could join them directly in their Incubation office after completion of my degree. I joined them as a web developer. Although I had some experience of developing websites for clients I never before has an opportunity to understand the efficient workflow of web development. I learned to unlearn and then to relearn. It was something that I have to go through but the guidance that I got throughout the process from the team made everything easy.

Till date, I have worked only with my friends or alone. During my internship, I learned how to work with teams and people with a different mindset. I came to know the importance of structured coding, I groomed my ability to think as a Developer as well as a User, I communicated, I blogged and most importantly tried to come out of my comfort zone.


Himanshu Kumar Dhiman

It has been two months now that I am living my Software Developer journey with ColoredCow. I joined them as an intern in their Incubation office in Tehri. These two months have helped me to understand how I can use the knowledge that I gained during my course period and use it to for solving real-world problems. I am glad that in this short span I have been able to expand my thinking, reading and writing skills.

During my Internship, I had an opportunity to closely see how a company builds a product and provides services to its clients. I saw the practical implementation of Software Development Lifecycle while working on an end-to-end project. Through the mentorship guidance, I was able to learn different languages and tools. I worked on PHP, AJAX, Bootstrap, Javascript, Laravel, and WordPress to complete my project. I learned how to use plugins and APIs for different integrations in code. I gained knowledge about dependency managers and version control systems. The list can go on and on.

Apart from the Technology part, ColoredCow helps you in shaping your personality. I participated with the team and even tried reading and writing. For me reading books and writing blogs was just not my cup of tea. But after being a part of ColoredCow, I realized that it’s not something you do to just pass your time. It is something which somewhere helps you in developing your potential to think and express your thoughts better. During my Internship, I wrote two blogs and read Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug and The Little Book of Talent, by Daniel Coyle. I did not expect a company to have this kind of learning and work environment. We worked together, solved problems together, ate together and had a lot of fun together.


Vamsi Settypalli

When I was deciding my career path, I was very clear that I want to make a career in mobile development and with thought, I started applying at different places. In my final year in college, during the pre-placement talk, I had a chance to hear about ColoredCow from its founding members, some of which I was surprised to know were my alumni. The passion and excitement with which they talked about ColoredCow got me very interested and applied.

Though at that time they were taking in summer interns for web development I decided to join in. Initially, I wasn’t sure how it would align to my dream of being a mobile developer but over the time I understood why they stressed on understanding web development. It helped me in seeing things with a larger perspective. I got to learn different languages and tools. I learned how to work in a team and how to show progress. It was always easy to find guidance in ColoredCow. The mentorship helped a lot.

I learned different life skills too. I understood the importance of under committing and over delivering. I learned how to work in a team, I presented my work and participated in different activities. I came in as a mobile developer and after the internship, I walk out as a mobile and web developer.


Vivek Kumar Gupta

2 months before, when I completed 3rd year of my Engineering, I was in dilemma. What to do, which career path is good for me, should I listen to my father or just do what I always wanted to do. My situation was very similar to a child learning how to walk. Unlike child looks for support to create his balance and walk, I looked for a beacon of light to show me where to walk.

To my surprise, now when I think about it I realize that things do work out if you are ready to put all in. My internship with ColoredCow turned out to be Pathfinder. It gave me the clarity of thought I was looking for. Every day when I came to office, I had a chance to learn something new and this learning was not limited to technical things. I learned how to write good code, got familiar with coding thumb rules, read The Pragmatic Programmer”, “Don’t Make Me Think” and participated in some activities to come out of my comfort zone phobia (which actually worked for me).

The thing that I liked the most was the way we were treated as part of the team and not just interns who will leave after two months. We equally participated in meetings, presentations, and celebrations, which was completely different from what I would have expected. This was my first internship and I don’t know about the culture is in other organizations, but I know I loved my time here. ColoredCow promised that they will make me employable and they kept that promise. Thank you, everyone, for your time and guidance. It had a wonderful time at ColoredCow.