And your next-gen website

React helps building the state-of-the-art user interfaces with easy-to-scale and optimized performance. We develop React applications to help our customers fulfill their vision of a remarkable website.

Talking with backend through API

React adds flexibility to your digital ecosystem as it can talk with any backend application with an API. Be it a backend app you already have or a new one we develop for you from scratch!

ColoredCow builds React apps with both REST API backed systems and the next-generation GraphQL based backend systems.

Rest API

Backend without a REST API is no backend. Every genuine backend application will have support for REST API. That is what makes your front-end React app easy to integrate and communicate with any system.


React and GraphQL are siblings. They both were developed at Facebook and had been holding hands with each other since the beginning. That is why, React comes with such good support for backend systems with GraphQL backed-API.