Best approach to get the right Laravel talent
Scale your Laravel Team
Tushar Bohra
Full-Stack Developer

Building a project in Laravel is a delightful experience. It offers the ability to quickly prototype by jumpstarting the development while maintaining the scalability of driving an enterprise level solution. However, it all comes down to the team implementing the solution and the people who are a part of it. Finding the right talent and getting them on speed in Laravel development can be tough task, but is critical to the success of the project and the organisation. It can be the deciding factor in the success of the small scale organisations venturing into the ecosystem who might not have the resources to hire a large pool of top level talents in Laravel.


This talk focuses on the approach towards training fresh talent in Laravel. Session Details:

  • Importance of having the right talent work on your project
  • Benefits of investing in training and community building
  • What to look for in a candidate
  • What to train
  • How to conduct the training
    • Duration
    • Content
    • Workflow
  • Onboarding on project after training


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