Writing better React code

In this webinar, you will get a demonstration of the automated tools and libraries used in Glific to write clean and effective React code

Hands-on with Cypress tests

In this session Glific Frontend lead, Mohd Shamoon will walk us through Cypress testing how it helped in ensuring reliable software and early bug tracking

React unit testing with Jest and RTL

In this session Glific Frontend lead, Mohd Shamoon will walk us through unit testing with Jest and RTL in Glific and how we leveraged Github workflows for automating testing in the React application.

GraphQL and Apollo Client

Traditional REST APIs are not always focused on the client. GraphQL is an alternative where the client has more power to ask for what they want and get exactly that back in a single call.

In this webinar, you will get to know more about how we utilized the power of GraphQL and Apollo Client in a React application to create one of the best user experiences that one can get in a chat application like Glific.

Glific frontend architecture

Setting up the right foundation is the key to building reliable software. In this webinar Glific Frontend Lead, Mohd Shamoon shares sharing his insights on building Glific and how React was an ideal choice for the frontend.

Cypress Integration in Glific

In this webinar, we discussed the integration of Cypress and how it is used in a React and Elixir-based application to automate testing.

Data Analytics in Elixir based application

In this webinar, we explore the data analytics side of Glific and how data is morphed into custom reports through seamless integration of BigQuery and DataStudio in an Elixir application

Glific Tech Architecture

Glific has split tech architecture, with Frontend made on React and backend made on elixir. In this webinar, we walk you through the overall architecture of the application, along with some key insights

Bigquery integration in Elixir/Phoenix framework

In this webinar, we discussed the integration of BigQuery in an Elixir application and how it is empowering organizations with data archival and acting as a data source for report generation