Women in Tech - 2022

Empowering women students to thrive in the tech world.

Why is this program needed?

Almost 52%
of IT students are women
Only 26%
women in tech workspace
There is a deep imbalance between gender diversity in the tech world. The figures speak for themselves. One of the factors that is posing as barrier to growth in women's representation in the tech industry is mainly the lack of an inclusive ecosystem that encourages women to excel in their chosen field. We're here to change that.

Our Vision

to create an ecosystem that closes the gender gap in the tech industry; a space where women at the graduate level start off on the right foot, acquire skills essential for the professional world, and close the gap for themselves and all the women to come.

How It Works

Level-Based Training cum Internship Program

You'll learn how to code from scratch; from the basics to the advanced levels (can specify languages)

Only for Women

Exclusively for the female students of THDC's computer science course. Coming to more colleges soon!

One-on-one mentorship

Opportunity to work with industry experts. Hands-on experience: You will work on open-source and projects from the social sector.

Hands-on experience

You will work on open-source and projects from the social sector.

Grow at your own pace

Assigned learning level based on your current skill-set.

Skills that you'll learn

You'll be learning a plethora of languages and soft skills.

Flexible Timings

The program won't clash with your academic schedule.

Why should you make the most out of this opportunity?

Build Skills

Engage in an immersive training program and design solutions to real-world problems.

Build Confidence

Carve your own niche and lead the way in the tech world.

Build Community

Join like-minded people in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Our trainees are paid to learn.

We believe that paid internships help students to become financially independent while also providing them motivation to work efficiently. Our trainees will be receiving a monthly stipend based on their level of training and the hours worked every month.

Let's build a diverse tech world, one code at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

- The program is only for women+ students.
- They should be studying Computer Science at THDC-IHET.
- They should be able to work from the office 10 hrs/week.
- The candidates will be selected if they meet the eligibility requirements.
- There will be a basic-level interview round to assess the goals and technical skills of the candidates after they register through the Google form.
There is a distinct gap between the gender diversity in tech academic institutions and workplaces. We aim to close the gap by providing all-around training that will enable the women students to gear up for the professional world before graduating college which will lead to a boost start in their careers in the tech industry.
Women in Tech is a level-based in which the students will learn various technologies including Python, C++, and HTML (add more). The students will also be learning soft skills like business communication and presentation for an all-round development.
Yes, the timings will be flexible. We will be sharing the recommended timings for the office hours keeping in mind the students' class schedules.
- For 10 hours per week of part-time training in Level-1, the students will be provided with Rs 3000 on a monthly basis.
- For 40 hours per week of full-time training during the vacations in Level-1, the students will be provided Rs 8000 on a monthly basis.
Level 1 of the program will be for a period of 6 to 12 months.
It's not mandatory to do the full-time internship during the college vacations in summers and winters but we recommend that the students do continue with the program in order to implement what they have learned and polish their skills more.
The interview will be conducted offline at ColoredCow's office in Tehri.
Our office in Tehri is based in the THDC-IHET campus itself.
The students will be working from the office itself every week.
The students will be provided with a space of their own in the office with Internet facilities. If the students wish to have lunch/ snacks with the team, the refreshments will be provided at minimal charges.
We have designed the curriculum and schedule of the program as such that the students will be able to manage both college work and training work efficiently on their own.
The students will have a weekly catch-up session with their assigned mentors to discuss their progress or the challenges they are facing. The mentors will also be evaluating the students' work ethics and attendance.
The mentors will be industry experts who will guide the students during the program.
Yes, the students' attendance will be regularly checked to ensure that they are taking full advantage of the program. They should work from the office at least 10 hours per week during the academic session.