Product Designer
Become a guardian of our products: by ensuring that they’re relevant, user-friendly, and solve business problems.

We are looking for an emotionally intelligent Product Designer to help shape the future of inclusive and delightful experiences for ColoredCow products. You are passionate about user-centered design approaches, interaction design excellence, and transforming current workflows into elegant and usable solutions for greater end-user pull.

About Us:

In a nutshell, ColoredCow plays a pivotal role in enlivening meaningful ideas of organizations and empowering people through them. We design and develop digital products covering all aspects from idea conception through development. We are a group that people rely on for solving their diverse and challenging problems.

Our Past Product Design Projects:


Glific is an open-source platform that we have built from scratch in partnership with Tech4Dev, a San Francisco-based foundation. It is a two-way communication application that enables NGOs to chat and make an impact in the lives of the communities they support. Through interaction with the potential users, we understood their challenges which helped us prioritize and test the features early on and build the platform closely with the users. Since we also worked on the branding, naming, and interface designs, we tightly coupled the look and feel of the platform with all of the communication design elements as well. Our goal has been to make the platform and process as simple as possible. 

Presently, we have been working with 30+ NGOs cumulatively enabling them to reach 87,000+ beneficiaries and exchange 4M+ messages over the platform.



Plio improves learning outcomes by making online learning more interactive with the help of overlaying questions throughout the video. Avanti Fellows introduced us to this project to revamp the workflows for their student audience. The team had performed a usability study but needed design support to put a delightful interface for the end-users and their admin team. We set up a scalable design system to use across the product. They also wanted to test the interface before developing it, so we created interactive prototypes that could be used with their audience to collect user feedback before being developed.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities as a Product Designer:
  • As a Product Designer, you will research, discover, and create solutions for business problems through an understanding of the business and its end-users. 
  • Create visual solutions that harmonize functional design with emotional design, and reflect usability, accessibility, brand, graphic design, and human-centered principles.
  • Do qualitative research, rapid prototyping, and business value analysis in an iterative agile delivery environment.
  • With an obsessive eye for detail, work with Product Management and Engineering to ensure quality fit and finish for product releases.
  • Drive all stages of product development- from ideation to delivery.
  • Drive user needs and goals into both creative and pragmatic design solutions.
  • Work closely with teams of stakeholders, and developers.
  • Help the client to understand the value of end-users to their business.
  • Practice and evangelize agile and lean design principles.
What you need to start the Journey
  • Ability to create rapid, iterative, and low-fi prototypes
  • Knowledge of tools and concepts around human-centered design
  • Qualitative research skills in user discovery
  • User testing, storytelling, and translating between business and technical jargon
  • Strong business acumen; ability to relate, understand, grasp concepts, and interpret client/user needs
  • Work alongside teams of stakeholders, and developers
  • Act as an end user advocate
  • Help the client to understand the value of end users to their business
  • Practice and evangelize agile and lean design principles
  • Work in an informal, collaborative, transparent, ego-free culture where your talent is valued over your title
  • Develop your career outside of the confines of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about instead of a predetermined, one-size-fits-all plan
  • Make a real impact outside of work by leading and/or contributing to communities within ColoredCow
  • Freely voice your ideas and views as part of continuous open and passionate debate

If you want to bridge the gap between business and design, this role is for you.

Do these Excite You?

These skills are not exhaustive, you might even be adding a few more to this as an ideal candidate. And cheers to you for that!

  • Knowledge of concepts around human-centered design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma.
  • Are an end-user advocate.
  • Demonstrate the ability to execute design work with a high standard for quality within time and technical constraints amid competing priorities and ambiguous situations.
  • A strong understanding of how to apply design thinking when planning and scoping project work.
  • Ability to create rapid, iterative, and low-fi prototypes.
  • Qualitative research skills in user discovery.
  • User testing, storytelling, and translating between business and technical jargon.
The Right Environment for You:

We believe in giving ample opportunities to captain your own ship in this growth-oriented organization. Our positive and inclusive work culture and a non-hierarchical team structure will allow as much room for growth as you dream.

Experience Required:

We don’t believe in age, or years as the prerequisites to do great work. Hence if you are, 


We have insights and experience to propel you on your journey. We also have programs for you to experiment with and find your calling in this field.

Experienced (up to 2 years) –

If you already have a great experience then we would love for you to contribute to the growth and learning from the start.

Must-Reads for a Successful Career in Design:

Work during the day and quench your thirst for knowledge in your leisure time.

  • Don’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug
  • The Lean Startup –  Eric Ries
  • Badass, Making user Awesome – Kathy Sierra
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Donald A. Norman
Recommended Reads:
  • How to Win & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen
  • The Goal –  Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy