Multiplying the output and influence of an NGO
Reducing dependence on resources for operations, through a custom tool

An NGO’s impact is as strong as the reach of their efforts. Challenges related to unavailability of resources or undue efforts on internal operations limits their onground efforts. Functions such as financial management, project management, communication etc… may take up valuable time away from the work that matters. Building technological capability and enhancing organisational image for trust can multiply an NGO’s output and influence towards creating the desired social impact. There are many social development organisations catching up on this front but some are really taking leaps with their vision.


Marching with the technology flag, ToolBox India Foundation is passionate about making a bigger impact in social sector by leveraging technology. They are a Mumbai based non-profit organisation that catalyses change for the organisations(NPOs) in the social sector. They build strategies to address the core challenges with operations and management, for other NPOs. Their endeavor continued with a need for a tool to support their processes, and a refreshed website to build the trust and establish their mission digitally.


Enhancing organisational image for trust

Since their inception, ToolBox has done a significant amount of work. But they did not have a convenient way to update their work on the website and keep it adapted to their organisation’s growth. Where technology can be a great enabler, the website didn’t enable them to meet the expectations of their audience and of their own.

Their vision was also to increase their influence in the social sector and enhance their audience’s digital interaction with the organisation via this upgrade. This is where we came in, to bring this vision alive and to re-plug technology to their powerful mission.


Diving into the website to build its capability for trust

Through the new image, ToolBox aimed to re-establish themselves as strategic partners to meet their business requirement, and move away from the prior image of being tactical executioners. By reworking the content and structure of the website, the organisation now has the ability to foster the image of their true capability. They have a reshaped identity which brings out their true image.


Capturing the right image by sketching out necessary ideas and concepts.



Clear delivery of message with structured and uncluttered use of space. Bringing out the element of human connection.

          Despite all the content on previous site, its structure, its flow and the overall navigation made it harder to consume and remember about them. Given their nature of the work – which is helping other NPOs with change management – it was essential to convey their value in simple terms. This would greatly contribute to a better experience of their organisation through website.

          A clear action or next step for the target audience was missing. Without a call to action, the website we believe loses its impact and becomes somewhat less purposeful. The new site drives their clients to use their newly built tool, which for ToolBox was the main goal.

          The new site encourages their audience to interact and helps in increasing their outreach without investing a lot of money or time into it. The site leverages the human motivation for this and allows for social connections by linking LinkedIn for all the volunteers. This would make the volunteers their brand ambassadors.


The result was a more engaging website, without the navigational challenges, with a strong emphasis on the call to action to make it easy for the organisations to reach out to work with them. The leadership and the global volunteers align with new site’s capability of building trust and increasing influence.


Alongside, their organisational processes were mapped with the technological implementation of the tool, and its linkage with the website.


Greater output of work by building technological capability

Through all the years in the social sector, they have developed great insights and evolved methods of working with their partner organizations. For their mission to scale and streamline their efforts through technology, we conceptualized a tool to save team’s effort. A customised project management tool that would give them more bandwidth to work on the strategies with their partners. A solution that is greatly needed in the social development sector.





While conceptualising the portal, one of the challenges we helped ToolBox solve was with a significant effort in onboarding their partners. It posed a resistance to connect with new ones and take up their consultation requests on projects. With the portal, and new website, the resource intensive work of recording and managing projects is streamlined and made efficient.

A seamless integration of the tool with the website, gets their partners started in no time. They have the confidence to direct any potential partner onto the website. And not only the partners, the team also finds it intuitive to use and to match their processes rather than opposing it(many tools become a hindrance to the ways of working).


“Every thought leading and path defining organisation should have tools and support of technology that adapts to their ways of working and enhances their efficiency”



Impactful communication through sharper visuals

To bind their vision of increasing the influence and diving deeper into tech, the website and tool needed a sharper visual language extended from their brand guideline. This would allow them to communicate with their audience clearly and coherently under one visual experience – while accessing the website and the portal.




Adopting and making tech solutions a regular part of work, in a low-tech exposure domain.


Strengthened processes and better trust with partnering NPOs, through a custom tool and a redesigned website.



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