Senior Software Engineer
Propel your journey toward growth and expertise as an experienced professional in a growing startup

As a key member of our Tech Team, you will work in an agile and collaborative environment. You have the architectural skills to build durable and scalable platforms that delight the end-users and the curiosity to seek out innovative solutions. You will have experience working with a broad range of technologies, mentoring teams, and making technical decisions for a particular technical specialism as a subject matter expert. Always meeting client specifications and expectations and living the values of ColoredCow are also crucial to this role.

What you are required to do
  • Solutioning and Creating architecture for workflows in a project.
  • Being a part of peer code reviews and weekly client meetings for a project. Contributing towards improving processes in a project and overall ColoredCow ecosystem. Testing the deliverables, to ensure all the functional and non-functional requirements have been met.
  • Breaking down complexity into simpler pieces for a fresher developer to pick up easily and explain technical concepts in a friendly and patient manner. Whenever needed, required to kill roadblocks for a fresher developer 
  • Mentor less experienced colleagues to help develop their skills, bringing on their engineering thinking as well as growing the behaviors and culture for a high-functioning team 
  • Work closely with internal and external customers to define the requirements for solutions
  • Understand agile methodology and can help to embed its principles into a team
  • Promote best practices, help to set standards across the organization, and participate in initiatives to build a community of engineers
  • Always follow standard practice and procedures, routinely supervise the work of less experienced team members, and take ownership of the project to ensure that it gets delivered efficiently, accurately, and promptly. Contribute towards maintaining and improving the technical health of a project.
  • Contribute to capacity building and training. 
  • Contribute to the overall tech ecosystem of ColoredCow with insights into a project
  • Contributing towards defining the technology road map and clearing the technology backlog
Key Competencies
    • Supervising the work of less experienced team members 
    • Good team player. Collaborating with other team members to ensure that the team owns and drives the solution that delivers the right value
    • Ability to fluently speak, read and write and converse with people INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Organisation, contribute to improving processes and methods, should know how to present the company
    • Confidence to comply with several processes and find the best possible solution in different situations
    • Dedicated and hardworking. Strong communication and collaboration skills that showcase relentless support towards the clients and their project progress.
    • Identify with ColoredCow values
    • Reasonable expectation of growth in terms of money, position, responsibilities, learning, development, etc.
    • Possess the following personality traits: confident, creative, ambitious, entrepreneurial mindset, taking full ownership of the work, completing it even if it requires extra initiative, problem solver
    • Specialization in the Ecommerce domain, specifically, WordPress and WooCommerce is a desirable criterion

Feel you’re not there yet? You can apply as a Junior Software Developer!

Highlights of our work in Open Source projects
  • Glific is an open-source, two-way communication application built in partnership with Tech4Dev, a San Francisco-based foundation. It enables NGOs to chat and make an impact in the lives of the communities they support. Here is a case study defining the project more
  • Plio improves learning outcomes by making online learning more interactive with the help of overlaying questions throughout the video.
  • Coko is a community working to empower the publishing domain through open-source software. We are in partnership with them for providing technical capacity. Here’s an interesting case study about the work we are doing with them
  • ColoredCow Portal is a platform that enables organizations to effectively manage their operations and data by using GSuite. Here is a case study for the project
The Right Environment for You:

We believe in giving ample opportunities to captain your own ship in this growth-oriented organization. Our positive and inclusive work culture and a non-hierarchical team structure will allow as much room for growth as you dream.

With our offices in Gurgaon, Tehri, and Dwarahat, you can have a great work-life balance by living and working from the hills or in a fast-paced city.

Recommended Books for a Successful Career in Software Development:
  • The Pragmatic Programmer – Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
  • Code Complete 2 – Steve McConnell
  • Ask your Developer – Jeff Lawson
  • The Passionate Programmer – Chad Fowler

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