UI-UX Designer
Graphics/Interface & Experience/Product/Communication

Do you identify as someone who can apply yourself in most of the above skills or specialise in any one of them?

Design is our way of elevating the world with meaningful experiences & pushing the limit of what humans can do.

We have never felt more strongly about the opportunities of doing some really ground-breaking work whether it is building niche products, products for the masses or doing really deep and specialised design work for some really prominent organisations in the Indian industry.  Read on and connect with us to know more about this.

Why ColoredCow?

In 2014 ColoredCow started with a simple core thought – that no meaningful idea should remain just an idea and that our work should support and enrich the lives we want to lead. Over time, ColoredCow has played a pivotal role in fueling our creative ambitions, our deep desire to do quality work, and to do it the right way – with care, harmony, and commitment. It has allowed us to create an environment for ourselves where we can execute our best possible work while continuously pushing the limit. 

It is a collective group which people can rely on for their diverse, challenging problems. It is a place where we can do the things the right way and have the opportunity to influence the outcomes. We work hard, with all of our heart, to create things that enrich our souls and add meaning to our lives. It is easier to do so when everyone is committed towards the same direction.

What are you required to do?
  • Conceptualise creative ways to represent clients’ ideas and your own solutions for the work we do for them, ranging from application workflows to marketing sites.
    This will involve creation of concept sketches, wireframes or working prototypes as a part of moving the project from idea phase closer to implementation.
  • Generate insights by asking questions and doing your own research, to know more about the project goals 
  • Find ways to better the execution processes to deliver impactful solutions.
  • Effectively collaborate with design teams to bring out the most resilient ideas, and with development teams for an effortless design handoff, empowering them to build the way you envisioned the design.
  • Build understanding of different domains such as healthcare, social sector, education etc…, along with the audience mindsets from those domains to create user-centered designs.
  • Establish communications methods to show relentless support to the clients and towards the progress of their projects.
    This will require being responsive and responsible towards their urgent or relaxed requests, with an appropriate plan of action.
  • Upgrade your design chops by learning from other design leaders and building on your own original design sense.
    Following design industry’s leaders and experimenting with your own style.
  • Contribute to the organisational development by creating resources and assets that don’t just execute the most immediate project targets but also solves a larger purpose.
  • Continuously push the boundaries for design outputs with strong information and visual skills. Create inspiring designs with powerful visual narratives.
  • Be flexible to adapt to the processes that work best for a particular project or a client.
  • Bring a productive and skillful use of design tools which includes the Adobe interactive suite, Sketch and others. Be open to experiment and use other tools as the need arises.
  • Skillfully navigate through timelines and commitments towards clients and teams to deliver exceptional results.
  • Embrace feedback, critique and failures to bounce back with even better results.
Bonus in your approach?
  • The act of not waiting to be told what to do, rather extending yourself to find opportunities to do better with each engagement.
  • Taking complete ownership in shipping your work, even if it is pending on others.
  • Energetic to stretch yourself to do extra, on top of what you were actually required to do.
What are the other opportunities?
  • Option to work from a natural location in the hills whenever you want (we have another office in the hills)
  • Contribute to the design vertical and take ownership of domains such as digital media marketing etc…
  • Subscription to design trainings to grow your career,
  • Subscription to leading journals and magazines to be exposed to ideas for holistic growth,
  • Being at the conferences, becoming a better part of the community,
  • Library with the opportunity to have any book you need.
What have we been upto?

We supported India’s premier youth organisation conduct their annual flagship event, with a website, web & mobile app. We visited the Surajkund international crafts mela as a team and bought back some cool things for our office and personal use. Launched a mobile app for social impact partners in Mumbai at their annual event. Designed a healthcare product to introduce new features, and made substantial changes to the look and feel for simplicity and usability. Initiated a breakfast menu for the team. Impressed one of our clients with a really detailed product design prototype. Extended Sketchapp with plugins to build fast mechanisms to pull off a tight-deadline print project. Built promotional pages for a partner to support their celebrity collaborations with the likes of Shakti Arora, Raj Kundra etc… Ran design workshops for design schools and co-working spaces. Added new books to our library. Made attempts to build our own products that make a change in the world.

Each day is a new possibility; we invite you to join us on a journey to do even more!

Example of the work we’ve done recently?

Designed a two-way communication platform from scratch. We worked on its branding, UI/UX and creating ongoing marketing collaterals. UI-UX case study  Branding case study

NVG India
Designed a product for the volunteering ecosystem in India. NVG India initiative required a digital solution to bring together NGOs, Corporate, Volunteers and NVG India Admins on a central platform to showcase  the volunteering effort done by all organisations and individuals across India.

ToolBox India
Designed a project management application allowing the organisation to use their in-house processes to carry out the projects successfully. This app enables ToolBox to do more with less, to meet their vision of scaling their reach and impact.

Who can apply?

Designers from all backgrounds can apply, whether you’re:

Up to 2 years of experience – you may be able to achieve what you’re required to do with a fair degree of effectiveness. You may handle the same projects with greater independence. Beyond that, you may want to exceed your project engagements by achieving more in the design vertical or at an organizational level. You can also have a look at your probably career path with us, here.

Fresh designers out of college – you’ll be required to do the same things for the design areas you choose to work with us on. The projects will be the same as any senior designer but you will be provided with a greater mentorship and hand-holding in achieving your commitments. You can also have a look at your probably career path with us, here.

Starting out – even if you’re looking to change your profession to design, our ears are open. We’ll discover your existing design strengths. We’ll provide the right support required to initiate and make a career in design.

What’s the process of joining us like?
  1. You apply with your resume and a portfolio of past work. If you’re starting out or fresh out of college, you may some example of work you’ve done that you aspire to do with us.
  2. We will shortlist the candidates and propose a time for a video call to discover the aspiration match and fitment with the organisation.
  3. After this, we have another call to show you the processes and the work we do.
  4. We’ll have a technical round to test your design skills and subject knowledge. This may differ as per the role and position you’re applying for. If it works for you too, we prefer to spend time at our office and spend a couple of hours working on the exercise together.
  5. We’ll extend the job offer to the merit designers.
Next steps?

If you’d like to be a part of the group that wants to shake things up and make a dent in the universe, that not just believes in doing the work but making a difference with it. If you’d like to find self-fulfillment, take pride and leave a legacy with your work, you may find ColoredCow as the right place for you.

Please fill out the application form below and we’ll reach out to you.

(Optional read) Our journey in the last 5 years.

Over the last 5 years, while our core has remained the same, we have been experimental to be the best version of ourselves. Our experiments have been around forming the best processes for solving business challenges for our clients, to deliver the work with the best possible experience. We’ve also experimented and been successful with running a kitchen facility for ourselves to have access to food round the clock, building our office space full of greens, working remotely both within India and Internationally, working with international clients without hiccups, training students at engineering colleges without disrupting our work. We have experimented with sprinting and burning the midnight oil, and we’ve experimented with taking it easy and pacing things out. It has been an exciting journey worth every bit of it. The journey has taught us what works and what doesn’t, what’s valuable and what is wasteful. Over the years we have also strengthened our cultural values because we understand how important these are to keep us together and to give us happiness and satisfaction of working together. We have grown organically to be profitable, to build a team and a list of clients to produce the work we’re proud of. We have been fired up to evolve and do better as a company, to grow stronger with each passing year with no sign of this fire burning out.

The next 5 years are going to be phenomenal as well; we call on the designers who don’t just move the pixels, but the world around them!